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Q: Who does the writing?

A: I handle most assignments. Occasionally I seek assistance from a tight network of trusted writers whose aptitude I have verified. I will not refer you to someone I would not use myself.

Q: How do I submit a proposal?

A: Please use the Contact page to tell me about the work you need.

Q: How do I know you won’t pad your hours?

A: I would hate it if someone did that to me. I would rather charge you fairly and keep you around as a long-term client.

Q: Can you meet in person?

A: Prospective clients in the Greater Washington DC area may request a site visit at no charge. Site visits outside of Greater Washington are provided at client expense.

Q: Why have you not calculated a grant writing success rate?

A: Grant writing success is contingent on the strength of the proposed program, history with a funder, expertise in a given field, among other factors. I cannot merge these considerations into a single percentage.

Q: Do you ever work on a contingency fee?

A: I do not work on a contingency fee. I also do not work on commission or on spec.

Q: Do you work on an hourly rate?

A: With the exception of grant writing, I do my best to give you a flat project rate, so there are no surprises.

Q: How many revisions does an assignment include?

A: All assignments include one revision. Thereafter the work is considered a new assignment.

Q: Do you offer references?

A: Absolutely. I can provide them upon request.

Q: Who have you previously partnered with?

Among other ventures, it has been a privilege to work with:

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