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A Time for Mercy
really liked it
Was it Grisham’s best? No, not by a long shot, but there’s something comforting about revisiting familiar stomping grounds. I heard people say the sequel to The Firm was utterly boring, and after reading this book, I have to question peo…
The Omen
really liked it
I was pleasantly surprised! I didn’t expect the book to be bad, but with the horror genre evolving the way it has, I just didn’t expect it to be such a nicely packaged story. Then again, wasn’t the first edition published in the 70s? You…
The Spite House
liked it
First, let’s credit Adam Lazarre-White with five stars for outstanding narration. I’d never heard him before, but bravo for taking a good story and making it sound phenomenal! The story itself is good, certainly better than average. Hau…
How to Sell a Haunted House
really liked it
A solid horror read! In the vein of original Stephen King in the way horror was meant to be enjoyed. Don’t let the haunted house trope scare you away. The house is only the launching pad for what promises to be an exciting revisit of wha…
City on Fire
really liked it
It’s always interesting to read the book summary after the fact. The hype feels a little exaggerated, but while this book never quite rose to the same pitch as the cartel trilogy, Don Winslow is a phenomenal writer. Pick up this book if…
City of Dreams
really liked it
Don Winslow delivers again. I keep expecting to lose interest. There are just too many similarities to Godfather, and while the story never really rises to the level of obsessive reading, I found myself happy to pick up the book again an…
Ghosts of Harvard
really liked it
It’s not horror in the conventional sense. It’s an interesting twist of historical fiction, family drama, and suspense, and while it sounds as though this concoction could leave a lot to be desired, it’s a satisfying blend that leaves yo…
Impact Winter
it was amazing
In my opinion, a good audio drama requires three key ingredients to be engaging: great effects, great plot, and great acting. Before listening to this audio drama, I would have held the Left Behind series and We’re Alive as the top two c…
Gone Girl
really liked it
Who’s really the villain in this bizarre plot? It’s hard to say. Both protagonists are equally screwed up. It’s hard to go into too much detail with this book without spoiling the ending. So let me say this much. No, you will not be dis…
The Rift
really liked it
Imagine a novel whose overarching plot is only slightly better than average but whose individual scenes are liquid gold. The way this guy writes about a monster wave chasing a captain on a barge is nothing short of spectacular. I wish he…

Am I missing a book you think I should be reading? Drop me a line with your suggestion.

Am I missing a book you think I should be reading? Drop me a line with your suggestion.

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