The O Bulletin: Go Freeze Yourself

I love washing dishes by hand. It’s therapeutic. You know what’s interesting though? Using more dish soap does not make dishes any cleaner. It kind of reminds me of religious people who are overzealous to the point that they forget the first law, at least in Christian circles, is love. Be kind to each other, and stop spending so much energy passing judgment that’s best left to a higher power. Going for the holier than thou does not get us closer to Heaven.

Thought of the Week

“I am bold to declare before Heaven that I am just as ready to die in defending the rights of a Presbyterian, a Baptist, or a good man of any other denomination as for a Mormon; for the same principle which would trample upon the rights of the Latter-day Saints would trample upon the rights of the Roman Catholics, or of any other denomination who may be unpopular and too weak to defend themselves.”–Joseph Smith

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The Problem is Not That You’ll Outlive Your Savings

“But more likely, you’re going to live until your late 70s if you’re a man, your early 80s if you’re a woman. So if you retire in your sixties, you’re going to need enough money to last you another 15 or 20 years. That’s it.* …

“I’m not trying to be a downer. Thinking about death is never fun. But if you spend too much time worrying about not saving enough and fearing the impact of that, you’ll make poor choices for yourself based on fear, just like The Sundance Kid almost did.

“You’ll work a few extra years, even at a job you hate, just to feel secure. Or you’ll skimp on routine healthcare because you might need the money for a health crisis somewhere down the line. Like The Kid, you’ll try to avoid your feared outcome at the expense of a chance at life.” Read more.

This Week’s Tip

After major data breaches, companies try to sell you on credit monitoring services to help you feel better about criminals not using your data to access your sensitive information. The problem with such complimentary services is that they: A. eventually expire; B. expose your information to one more third party; and C. only report tampering but don’t actually block it.

Instead, consider freezing your credit report with all three credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. In doing so, criminals will not be able to open new accounts under your name. It’s a little bit of a pain to set up, but once set, you only have to worry about temporarily lifting them when you know someone is going to pull a hard credit inquiry. Best of all, freezing your credit has zero impact on your credit score.

If you’re interested, NerdWallet has a great article with step-by-step guides on how to freeze your credit at all three bureaus.

From the Archives

I once heard someone say best friends are the siblings God forgot to give us. How disgustingly sweet. Yet, what happens when the friendship turns more
into a drain than a source of energy? You don’t get to choose your family, but you do get to choose your friends. And sometimes there are friends that
need to go. Read more.

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