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Moving Tips for an Easier Transition

What do you dislike most about moving?

Let’s face it. Moving likely ranks low on people’s lists of favorite things to do. But as we get closer to the end of the spring semester and students get ready to move cities to start internships and new jobs, this is the best time to think about the little logistics that will make your next move as seamless as possible.

Today’s excellent post comes from a new friend. Alyssa Strickland created for all the new parents on the block. Alyssa believes the old adage that it takes a village to raise a child, but she also thinks it takes a village to raise a parent! Millennial-Parents is that village. Today’s parents can be more connected than ever and she hopes her site will enrich those connections. On Millennial-Parents, she shares tips and advice she learns through experience and from other young parents in three key areas — Education, Relationships, and Community.

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Moving to a new city is an opportunity for a fresh start, but it can also be stressful. However, there are things you can do to make the transition easier for you and your family. The tips presented below can help you make moving day as easy and stress-free as possible.

How Can You Make Moving Easier?

Whether you’re moving a young family or are heading to warmer climes in your golden years, it helps to follow a Moving checklist. Not only should your checklist include what to do before your move, but it should also outline post-move needs.

Prepare for Your Move

Some things are obvious; you’ll have to pack your belongings or hire a moving company to pack them for you. However, remember to do these things also:

  • Arrange for utilities to be disconnected/ reconnected at the appropriate times.
  • Obtain medical records for your family and pets.
  • Notify schools and childcare personnel that your children will be leaving.
  • Allow enough time to accomplish necessary tasks; schedule your tasks and follow your schedule.

Label Your Boxes

If you’re packing for your move yourself, it can be tempting to just write “bedroom” on a box of bedroom items. However, when you’re unpacking at your new home, you may wonder whose bedroom the box belongs in. Take time to be specific when labeling boxes; include the room, whose room, and the types of items in that box. Doing so will save lots of time and frustration.

Ease Your Children’s Transition

According to experts, children of all ages can have trouble adapting to losing what they’re familiar with and getting used to new environments. How you handle this depends on the ages and temperaments of your children, but here are a few helpful ideas:

  • Talk to your children about the move in a positive light.
  • Allow your kids to pack a “to-go bag” with items to keep with them when traveling to your new home, and also consider letting them pack some of their belongings into boxes.
  • Make opportunities to let them say goodbye to their friends.
  • Let them place their possessions in their new bedrooms.
  • As soon as possible after arriving at your new home, take the children to parks or other places of interest; enroll them in sports or similar activities, and find ways to introduce them to other children.

Some pets don’t handle change well either. If they’re not used to riding, take them for short drives before your move. Take their favorite toys or blankets with you during the ride to your new home.

Use Local Resources

Your kids aren’t the only ones who need to acclimate to their new location; so do you. Many larger cities have visitor bureaus highlighting local attractions. Driving around your new neighborhood familiarizes you with routes and the location of stores and restaurants. Consider joining neighborhood groups or going to community events to meet new people.

Are You Moving Your Business?

If you’re moving to another city in the same state, you’ll need to obtain local permits and licenses. If your business is moving to a new state, however, you’ll have to register your business on a state level also.

If your business is an LLC, your new state’s requirements may be different. Although you could research and file new registration yourself, consider using formation services such as ZenBusiness. They already know what your new state requires and will save you time and money that you can better use elsewhere.

What Have You Learned?

Moving to a new place can be stressful, but you can minimize that stress if you have a moving strategy. Make comprehensive personal and business moving checklists to provide a framework for a successful move.

Any other tips and specific resources? Sound off in the comments!

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